We are working with you for the best result

At Glenway Homes we believe strongly that rather than subscribing to a preconceived design theory based on self-promotion or personal goals, homes should be designed and created to respond directly to the lifestyle and desires of the people inhabiting it.

Our design team often finds that its most creative and interesting work flows from receiving specific client requirements or when dealing with particular constraints such as site restrictions. So we encourage you to tell us what you envisage and ask questions during the design process.

Our team will be there to guide you every step of the way, from our first meeting through the design phase until the final hand-over of your newly created dream home.

Your satisfaction through a smooth and exciting building process and a finished home that exceeds your expectation are our highest priorities.

Step 1
Initial meeting with John Woodford
Step 2
Briefing meeting with our designers
Step 3
Sketches are produced and presented
Step 4
Specification is formulated with the sketch plans and price estimate provided
Step 5
Estimate approval
Step 6
Planning approval
Step 7
Working drawings, landscaping and interior designs
Step 8
Final quotation and preparation of Contract Documentation for signing
Step 9
Building licence application
Step 10
Construction begins!